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Meet The Founder

[Alan Ginsberg] President

•Has an infatuation with sloths
•Visited Every Continent Except Antarctica 
•Nationally Qualified Fencer 
•Plays Piano, drums, guitar, kalimba, mandolin& didgeridoo (poorly)
•Loves all board games except boggle
•Hosted a 30 minute TV show on Loose Tea. Ti Kuan Yin Oolong is his favorite

What We Do
Feature Films, Shorts,
Music Videos
Television/Studio Production, Pilots, Broadcast
Photography, Events,
Portraits, Travel
Screenwriting, Publishing, Manusccripts, Graphic Design
Animation, Motion Graphics, Interactive Design
Producing, Pitches, Creative Consultation, Branding
Gear Rental, Production Management, Crew Support
Cross Medium Art,
Experimental, Collaborations
We've appeared on:
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